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Kobayashi TAXI

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Kobayashi TAXI


1999年に「Kobayashi TAXI 写真事務所」を設立、フリーランスとして本格的に始動。
写真撮影を軸としたアートワーク、デザイン力を持ち、広告 / 雑誌媒体のほか、主にレゲエ、ヒップホップを
2006年 "Rhythm Of Life Inc."を設立。その活動の場を拡げている。

Born in Tokyo in 1968. Active as a photographer from the period of time when the Japanese hip hop scene was just about to have its birth.
In 1999, he founded the "Kobayashi TAXI photographic office" and became a freelance photographer.
Having a strong sense in making artworks and design centered around photography, and based on the theme of his entire work "sound telling visual making", he directs the total aspect from the sleeve/packaging design to photographic visual on raggae and hip hop albums mainly.
In 2006、by founding "Rhythm Of Life Inc." the field of his activity is now spread even wider.

FAMILY and Friends

Family and Friends

A Temporary Gallery Space
by Onitsuka Tiger and ASICS

Photo by TAXI Kobayashi
Designed by Julie of JUTOJO

Special Thanks to Yoske Nishiumi

Family and Friends

Family and Friends from Onitsuka Tiger.
Photo by TAXI Kobayashi
Video by JUTOJO
Music by Mapstation
Special Thanks to Yoske Nishiumi